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Significant Progress in Hospital Bed Donation Project for Remote PNG Regions

Updated: Apr 27

 Brisbane, April 23, 2024 – The Olgeta Foundation, in collaboration with Someone Who Cares, has received a significant boost with the arrival of the first two containers holding a total of 114 hospital beds at Motukea in Port Moresby. This milestone is part of a broader initiative aimed at improving healthcare infrastructure in the remote regions of PNG.


The logistical challenges of transporting and storing such essential equipment were adeptly handled by Curtain Brothers, who have been instrumental in ensuring the safekeeping of the containers. This collaboration highlights the crucial role of local businesses in supporting healthcare projects.


The third container, expected to arrive by mid-year, will contain hospital bed mattresses and additional medical equipment, further enhancing the capabilities of the Sinifara Aid Post. The arrival of these resources is eagerly anticipated as they are crucial for the full operationalization of the donated beds.


In related developments, the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (RBWH) is completing an audit and is expected to announce a quota matching the beds donated. This marks the first time RBWH has contributed to this cause, underlining their ongoing commitment to supporting health initiatives beyond Australian borders.


The project now moves into a critical phase—distributing these beds to the remote and often inaccessible regions of PNG. This effort will involve careful planning and coordination to ensure that the beds reach those who need them most, addressing a significant gap in healthcare accessibility in the region.


This initiative not only promises to enhance the healthcare landscape in PNG but also sets a precedent for international cooperation and local business involvement in critical healthcare infrastructure projects.


For continued updates on this project, stay tuned to our future reports.

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